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Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind

We pledge to provide extraordinary quality products

We pledge to provide extraordinary products

Without great quality it does not matter what something costs

Our Reliable Product Categories

Our Reliable Product Categories

Burner Programmers

Cable Glands
Cable Ties
Cam Switches

Circuit Breakers

Current Transformers
Cylindrical Power Capacitors

Digital Voltage Ampere Meters

Direct Online Starters

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers
Electronic Over Current Relays

Electronic Voltage Relays

Energy Analyzers

Float Switches

Flow Meters

Flow Switches

Frequency Inverters

Hour Meters

HRC Fuses

Humidity Controllers

Ignition Rods

Ignition Transformers

Industrial Power Plugs

Limit Switches
Liquid Level Relays
Motor Protection Breakers
Overload Relays
Photoelectric Sensors
PLC Interface Relays
Power Factor Capacitors
Power Factor Relays

Pressure Sensors

Pressure Transmitters

Push Buttons Switches

Rotary Encoders

Safety Relays

Search Protectors

Selector Switches


Solenoid Valves

Speed Controllers

Temperature Transducers
Temperature Transmitters

Thermistor Relays

Time Switches


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