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Series DB – Fluid and Dental Multichannel Manifold


Series D – Valve island with CoilVision technology

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Series QR – Rotary Actuator with Rack and Pinion system

The Series QR rotary actuators are cylinders with a double piston, able to provide high torques while ensuring high stability and a precise rotary movement. The rotation angle can be easily set as desired between 0° and 190° by means of adjustment bolts or hydraulic absorbers positioned on one side of the rotary table. The use of shock absorbers allows the dampening of two to five times more kinetic energy than with regulation bolts. The rotary table is compact and allows direct mounting of the load. Their compact design, lightness and ease to combine with EOAT make these actuators particularly suitable for use in the assembly and packaging sectors and any application that requires transfer, tilting or rotation of objects.



· Compact design
· High rotation stability
· Adjustable rotation angle
· Easy to install
· Mechanical or hydraulic shock absorbers
· Can be integrated into manipulation systems

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